One of the most puzzling things about the perception of reality is the placebo and nocebo effect. That is to say that given a substance the outcome of it is […]

Demystifying Hypnosis

The word hypnosis means “sleep” in Greek, and it recalls a loss of consciousness; that’s why people fear it. In reality, therapeutic hypnosis, and in particular the one performed by […]

The body

The body is your home! You live in it and without it, you could not be here on this planet. We tidy up our house: we repair what breaks, we […]

The maze of consciousness

We find ourselves lost in a labyrinth all those times we don’t know what we want when we are without directions, trust, and self-esteem. If we are lost in a […]

Health vs. illness

In ancient China the doctor was paid by those who were well. People went to the doctor every 6 months for a visit. The doctor detected the possible problem in […]