One of the most puzzling things about the perception of reality is the placebo and nocebo effect.
That is to say that given a substance the outcome of it is more in relation to what we think than the substance itself.
Imagine you have a serious disease and you are full of fear of dying. All of your world is tumbling down. You take action and you go to the doctor that prescribes you a strong poisoning medicine. You trust the doctor and you trust the drug and immediately feel relief because you see yourself already healed.
What if instead, you are not trusting this doctor and his medicine? You are fearful of dying, questioning the medicine, feeling bad and lost, and you don’t want to take that medicine that you think will kill you even faster.
These two different perceptions of reality are determined by your beliefs. If your beliefs match the reality then you feel good and this feeling is dominant in the ultimate outcome of the therapy.

Here is the trick that no one has noticed.

Whether it is real, a placebo, or a nocebo, the majority of people place their trust and faith in something external: the doctor, the medicine, or whatever the doctor suggests: acupuncture, diet, lifestyle changes, drugs, shamanic medicine, or whatever you want.
What if instead of placing so much energy, faith, and love on what is external we put it on ourselves?
The condition of asking for an external reproval is so rooted in ourselves that we never think, not even as an option, to trust and believe in ourselves, our wisdom, our body, and our life. We are so lost and confused that we need others to tell us what is good or what is needed from us…

We have been denatured and spoiled since we were born. No one has ever trusted us and we have had teachers of all kinds to tell us what to do, what is right and wrong. So now that we are grown up, we go in life looking for ourselves outside of ourselves. This has been a mass manipulation and conditioning.

Imagine now, I am a person with a serious health problem and I choose according to my beliefs; I am still in this condition of being lost, because where did I get my beliefs from? I should better choose according to my instinct. What changes now? If I were in the position of choosing according to my instinct, like all the animals, I probably wouldn’t find myself sick, like all of the animals that live free. I will come to the conclusion that disease doesn’t exist and if I maintain a healthy relationship with myself I will always be in the position of choosing what is best for me at all times. So I would never be sick due to emotional imbalances or wrong lifestyle or wrong diet because I will choose according to me, to my reality and I will learn from that the external relationship that I should have. The disease will only strike me in the form of an accident and nothing else. I will use my whole power and connection with my instinct knowing what I want and what is good for me at all times. My beliefs and values and principles will be secondary and will be in relation to my ethical code that I will have developed according to who I really am. A code of conduct on this planet that will observe non-negotiable principles like liberty, love, and equity. I will no longer need the suggestions or the advice of someone else that is in the same condition of asking others and have no awareness of what is going on. I will be in the position of helping others and contributing to others to find the perspective of life that leads to love, expression, and happiness. And I wish others will be in this position and do this to me too. And the planet will be a paradise to enjoy life.