The Passenger

The Passenger by Glauco Donati

To be alive is something impossible to explain, it is something huge, a miracle, it is sacred. Life goes beyond any possible definition and it is true that all of us want to be happy and want to feel good.
All of us hold needs and sometimes we don’t know how to satisfy them. We just wait for the things to change or we expect others to do this for us.

This book is rich with metaphors It talks about the four component of ourselves: the body, the mind, the emotional mind, and the conscious movement. It is an opening to spirituality and connects us to the entire universe.

It is the manifestation of The Method.

Do I Dream or am I Awake?

A powerful offer capable of provoking the most beautiful sensations in the reader’s spine.

It’s a personal growth book that includes exercises.

Do I Dream or am I Awake? by Glauco Donati

Love, Freedom, Expression

The Book Of Analogies by Glauco Donati

This book proposes a new and exciting theory about the mechanisms of human Unconscious Mind.

At the very core of our thinking, the analogy is constantly at work. Comparing, relating, seeing what links or proportions exist within the whirlwind of impressions and sensations that populate our mind.

How our concepts and categories arise, on what we base ourselves to judge and define what we see and experience in our daily lives, what relationship exists between words and things, how we learn to give meaning to language and many other topics of this exciting book.

TCM & Shiatsu

With Shiatsu (a Japanese word meaning “finger pressure”), by using hands, fingers, elbows, knee and other parts of our body to awaken the recipient’s natural healing resources, we can release and stimulate the energy flowing through our body.

It’s a school text that step by step accompanies the student through the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

TCM & Shiatsu by Glauco Donati

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