HOM – Physical practice of western & eastern methodologies

25 lessons – 90 min per lesson – Total: 37.5h

This is a practical course

Who is it for?

This course is intended to who want to explore the connections between the body and the mind by operating through the body.


The student must be physically fit and without injury or physical limitations.

What will you get?

In this section of The Method World, the students will learn how to use their bodies. They will learn to feel their body and to act instead of reacting.They will discover how much the mind interferes and unconsciously block movement. They will experience the beauty of being in their body and connect different joints to achieve movement and  outcomes. They will feel and use the “empty” instead of the “full”. This art of movement is a blend of Yoga and Aikido and is intended to give physical awareness to the students that together with the study of the unconscious mind, the mind access, and the TCM theory and practice will give the necessary balance to be oneself in every aspect toward the liberty to pursue one’s dreams in harmony with one’s mind.