Health vs. illness

In ancient China the doctor was paid by those who were well.

People went to the doctor every 6 months for a visit. The doctor detected the possible problem in advance and treated it preventively. The customer paid for the service. If the patient was sick, he received free treatment, as a sick person cannot produce income.

The result was a healthier society and the doctor’s interest was in health.
In our culture, on the other hand, everyone cares about illness and none about health. The patient has to pay for the treatment and the doctor’s interest is on the disease. Result: doctors, hospitals, diseases and sick people are increasing.
Society is sick and there are fewer and fewer healthy people.

Let’s go back to nature, take care of health and life. We make our dreams come true. We listen to our body and meet our needs. We leave the comfort zone and treat the first initial symptoms by understanding their message, without suffocating them with drugs, forcing the body to numb, addiction and disease.

Natural remedies exist, have always existed and will always exist, at least as long as man exists. Animals do not know disease other than human induced disease.

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