The Method World

The Method works on human components. Each component is a discipline.

  • Body is treated by Chinese medicine
  • Mind is treated by Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Emotions are treated by Dynamic Hypnosis
  • Body movement is analysed and improved by Yoga & Aikido Martial Art.

The method is like a recipe for a cake: you will have the ingredients to make it.

You can eat the ingredients separately and you still have the cake, or you can mix them in the appropriate order and obtain your cake.

Now imagine yourself as a cake; you are made up of different ingredients. The method reverses the process and shows you the ingredients so you can understand yourself by this process. The ingredients that compose the human being are 4:

The body • The mind • The emotions • The expression through the body movement

If you achieve this knowledge of yourself by using them simultaneously and on demand, you will have achieved the freedom and the liberty to conquer your dreams in peace with your mind.

Achieve the freedom and the liberty to pursue your dreams in peace with your mind

Learn how to master the knowledge of yourself by using the body, the mind, the emotions and the body movement simultaneously and on demand


Shiatsu Massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine

The basic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Physiology and Philosophy, allow us to be really connected and in harmony with our physical body.



Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

You cannot pin NLP down to a single definition. NLP studies brilliance and quality – how outstanding individuals and organisations get their outstanding results. NLP studies how we structure our subjective experience. How we think about our values and beliefs and how we create emotional states. It also studies how we construct our internal world from our experience and give it meaning. No event has meaning in itself, we give it meaning, and different people may give the same event different meanings. So, NLP studies experience from the inside.


Dynamic Hypnosis

Is a type of hypnosis in which the person is deeply communicating with the unconscious mind while being fully awake. In so doing, it is possible to reveal the underlying pattern, fear or trauma, and reduce the emotional unbalance that forces the person to live in a condition of suffering. This intrapsychic connection is based on Non-Verbal Communication (NVC). This method frees from traumas and helps conquering our dreams.



HOM | Harmony Of Movements

This is the art of body movements according to Aikido martial art. It unifies the intention with the emotions and expands the body potential.

The Method World was born as a school topic on epistemology. It’s the knowledge of ourselves and how we function. It will give you all the necessary means to create a life free from suffering, conditioning and manipulations.

This advanced therapeutic tool re-balances the individual components: physical, emotional and mental – resulting in more fluid and free body movements.

A re-discovery of who we are physically, mentally and spiritually.

Learn the Method World

Presencial Courses – Costa Rica

The Mind Access (NLP)

25 lessons – 6h per lesson – Total: 150h NLP Course for Effective Communication is the study of success and how we can achieve what we want.   What will you

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