The body

The body is your home! You live in it and without it, you could not be here on this planet.
We tidy up our house: we repair what breaks, we do maintenance; we fix the shoulders if they ache, the back if it makes itself felt, the hips, the knees. We do not let the body deteriorate because then we will feel bad.

The body somatizes, that is, it removes traumas and negative experiences from the logical conscience. Unfortunately, however, these are not canceled and remain unconscious. They act in the form of physical pains, organic malfunctions, and also fears, anxieties, blocks, attributions to oneself and to others, etc., and are projected onto the present with unconscious defense mechanisms. Here is the drama: relive past events on an emotional level. We get stuck and no longer grow. This is how fixations and impediments arise.

Let’s make our minds tidy too! We dig from the negative feeling in the present to the event in the past that generated it. This repressed but not canceled event belongs to the emotional instance, to the unconscious. We should therefore speak to our unconscious and regenerate the event. Understanding how it still acts today by replicating itself in different but emotionally the same contexts.

eg: Whenever we are ashamed, that we feel hurt, sad, abandoned, rejected, incapable, etc. All these sensations have been there for a long time and today we relive them with a repetition compulsion. Yes, all this can melt like snow in the sun.
So why not take care of our home, our body? Why not fix things physically and emotionally too?
Today it is possible. Today we can maintain health with the lifestyle promoted by ancient philosophies such as Chinese Medicine which has a concept of health and balance.
Today we can talk to our unconscious and dissolve past blocks, freeing ourselves from pain and recovering lost freedom, love, and dignity.

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