Effective communication for sellers

10 lessons - 3h per lesson – Total: 30h

The course is about effective communication through Soft Skills: Non-Verbal-Communication and Body Language, to achieve empathy and rapport in real time in a win-win relationship with the clients. 

What will you get?

You will learn the communication skills to accomplish clients needs and to be perceived in the way you want. “There is only one opportunity to give a good first impression” . “The selling starts before you meet the client.”

Who is it for?

It is specifically tailored for agents of estate agencies, insurance companies, and sellers in retails.

You will get an extra free lesson about Harmony of Movement in which you can learn how to manage your body in critical situation and then you will put it into practice in the Diamante Waterfall Cave experience (the tallest waterfall in Costa Rica, with Pacific Journey) that include overnight in the stunning cavern situated just under the waterfall, guided trekking, rappelling, B&B with 3 meals included. The experience is led by local rescue certified professional guides.



Lesson 1:

  • Communication: what it is and what are its channels

Lesson 2:

  • The communication models: Visual, Auditive, and Kinesthetic VAK. Discover them and use them
  • Practice exercises

Lesson 3:

  • Mental attitude, rapport, and reframing
  • The power of mental images
  • How to enhance our product by operating by contraposition (contrast)

Lesson 4

  • The use of words, listening, and managing objections.
  • Public speaking

Lesson 5:

  • The NVC (Non-Verbal Communication) and their signs (body language)

Lesson 6:

  • How to interact on a subconscious level
  • The communication models Pole, Circle, and Triangle

Lesson 7:

  • The difference between desire and possession.
  • Symmetrical and complementary communication

Lesson 8:

  • The postulates of communication

Lesson 9:

  • I don’t sell, it is the customers who buy. how to make ourselves better perceived, it is not the product that is important; is the customer

Lesson 10:

  • The six basic needs.
  • The use of the above techniques for the satisfaction of basic needs.
  • It will be very difficult to tell you no.

Free lesson 11:  Harmony of Movement: A discipline that springs out from a blend of Yoga and Aikido martial art.

The Diamante Waterfall Experience and overnight at the Cavern. 2 days.