The maze of consciousness

We find ourselves lost in a labyrinth all those times we don’t know what we want when we are without directions, trust, and self-esteem. If we are lost in a mental labyrinth and we ask others for the way out, we do not realize that they too are lost in another labyrinth: theirs, and therefore they will try to send us in the direction they are looking for themself, actually enlarging our labyrinth. The more we ask others, the bigger and more confusing our labyrinth will be. We ourselves create the labyrinth of our conscience when we are afraid to look inside ourselves when we have no confidence in ourselves when we do not love ourselves and end up asking others. The more we ask the more we will be lost in the maze.

Direct communication with our emotional intelligence through, will orient us, will gives us light and awareness, esteem and love for ourselves. The world thus transformed becomes the means where the game of life takes place.

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