12 lessons – 6h per lesson – Total: 72h

Learn the basic techniques; how to move around the body; the pressure, the Tsubos; the 12 Acupuncture Meridians location and treatment; Oriental Medicine diagnosis; 5 Elements; Zang Fu; Yin-Yang theory; Anatomy; Physiology; Moxibustion.

24 lessons – 6h per lesson – Total: 144h

In this intensive course you will learn in-depth about Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM; The 12 Classical Meridians; 100 acupuncture points – location and functions; Anatomy; Physiology; Pathology in western medicine; Zang-Fu; Yin-Yang theory; 5 Elements theory; Advance body techniques; Location and treatment of the 12 Zen Meridians; Moxibustion; The different types of diagnosis, Client approach.

10 lessons – 3h per lesson – Total: 30h

The course is about effective communication through Soft Skills: Non-Verbal-Communication and Body Language, to achieve empathy and rapport in real time in a win-win relationship with the clients. It is specifically tailored for agents of estate agency, insurance companies and sellers in shops.

150 hours

Unveil the mystery of the unconscious mind

This is a comprehensive course that takes the student into the beauty of the unconscious mind to become analog therapist, coach, consultant, teacher in this topic. It is also excellent on a personal level. 


150 hours

Neuro-Linguistic-Programming is the study of excellence. It is not the “why” that leads us to the outcome we want; it is the “how”. This course as part of The Method World goes deep into our mental logical aspects and shows how people represent the reality inside their mind, in an inner mental map. From here one of NLP postulate: “the map is not he reality that it intended to be”. This course trains communication experts, coaches and trainers.

25 lessons of 90 minutes – Total: 37.5 hours

This is a practical-physical course that springs from Yoga and Aikido. It is the integration of the mental, emotional and physical within the person. The body is our temple and it is the source of all mental and emotional activities. This section is part The Method World in the achievement of body self confidence. 


The students must not have any physical impairment, chronic illness and mental disease.

These are an intensive courses that requires time, dedication and energy to be fulfilled. Students must have the motivation to become healers and/or teachers of this topic.

The students must have the necessary amount of money required for the course, the lodging, and any other personal expenses.

4) AGE
Minimum age 18 years old.