I am in Costa Rica, in the area of Dominical and Perez Zeledon. It will be a pleasure to assist you.

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Methsu (Shiatsu Massage)

Glauco is an expert in body disciplines concerning the locomotory system.

He does body realignment and related problems – removing joints aches and pains, such as hips, knees, head and shoulders, back pain and sciatica. He also concentrates on physiological ailments, working on dietary remedies, and acupuncture points for organ related conditions. He suggests and values changes in lifestyle in order to restore the body to its original function.

Shiatsu is a form of Japanese bodywork based on concepts in Traditional Chinese Medicine such as the use of meridians, acupuncture points, concept of Chi, physiology and anatomy.

The type of Shiatsu performed by The-Method, called Methsu, besides the traditional style, it applies several techniques of different western disciplines as well as the original techniques discovered by The-Method’s creator.

Dynamic Hypnosis

As a Hypnotherapist, Glauco is an expert in Non-Verbal Communication and the Dynamics of the Unconscious Mind. The Analog Psychology is based on the Emotional System and through individual sessions helps to unlock dependence, solve fears and complexes, repetitive situations, anger and remorse associated with all patterns of behaviour that come into relationship problems before they become symptoms, somatizations, emotional and behavioural disturbance, and pathology.

This session helps to gain motivation, courage and will power which are needed to reach our goals. It is then a valid instruments to supervise offspring in their evolutive phases, such as adolescence. It is also a valid help for sport professionals, for those who have management duties, and for those who work with people.

During the session the person is deeply communicating with the unconscious mind while being fully awake. In so doing, it is possible to reveal the underlying pattern, fear, or trauma, and reduce the emotional unbalance.

This intrapsychic connection is based on non-verbal communication (NVC).

This method frees us from traumas and helps with conquering our dreams.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Holistic means that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, so an holistic therapist can see the whole picture and not just a part of if. Holistic therapy is good for everyone and does not exclude other therapies that may come into play as complementary therapies.

It will be arranged from time to time according to the need, time and distance.

For now I am in magical Costa Rica.

Pura Vida!

The dynamic hypnosis is counterintuitive. It frees the recipient from being hypnotised by his/her discomfort. The session is carried out by a combination of Dynamic Hypnosis, Non-Verbal Communication, Symbolism and Psychology. The recipient is fully awake and aware. The session is a deep intrapsychic communication that focuses on the source of the problem. It regenerates the event that have created the compulsive repetition pattern that is unconsciously replayed in the present.

The person will restore dissociation and reduce tension, fears, emotional and behavioural disturbances, blocks, complexes, dependencies and will feel worthy and free.

Shiatsu massage, in this case the Methsu massage, is very effective to realign the body and resolve pains and discomfort from the body joints and organs. It restores the body to its original functions.


There is only one recommendation for receiving a good bodywork and is that of wearing loose and comfortable clothes. Preferrably cotton.

For hypnotherapy nothing is required.

I will be teaching this course in various areas: Dominical, Uvita, Las Tumbas, etc. In Costa Rica.